Google to Use Close Variant Matching for all AdWords Accounts

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google rollsadwords update logoLast month, Google had announced that starting the end of September they will start removing the option to exclude close match variants across all AdWords accounts. The close match variant setting allows Google to match your phrase and exact match keywords to search queries that include plurals, misspellings and other close variants of your keywords. For example someone bidding on “red shoe” could show up for any of the following: red shoes, red shoe, red shoelace. Currently, you have to opportunity to not include close variants.

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Since we begin with a solid negative keyword strategy and continuously add negative keywords, we do not foresee this having any effect on our accounts. For your prospects, we encourage them to take a look at their settings and implement a solid negative strategy before the change occurs.

There are no major surprises in comScore’s August 2014 U.S. Search Engine Rankings report. Google holds steady at 67% search share on desktop devices, with Microsoft sites in second with 19% of share, followed by Yahoo, Ask and AOL.

In Europe, Google has over 90% dominance of the search share, which is the fuel for the antitrust probe.

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